The Bomber, also known as Suiciders or Kamikazes, is a Grunt with an explosive barrel strapped to its back. It usually appears as the same type as the primary Grunt of the Realm it's found in, but Grunts from other areas (typically Orcs) are not unheard of. This is a suicidal monster, who, upon sighting a hero, will unleash a mighty (and distinctive) roar and charge. If the Bomber reaches the hero, it'll explode; if not, it'll do so anyway after a short time. This creature can only attack by a suicide run. Shooting the Bomber will detonate its explosive package, damaging everything in range; obviously, it's ideal to do this when the Bomber is in a crowd of its fellow monsters.

The barrels that it carries are either of the red or green variety. As usual, red barrels explode and inflict fire damage and knockdown, whereas green barrels create a cloud of poisonous gas that linger on for a few moments. The Gas Mask is a useful item for walking through the remains of a gas cloud.


Gauntlet: Legends

Gauntlet: Dark Legacy

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