The Desert Lands are a vast, dry area filled with pyramids and underground crypts. The Wizard hails from this area.

Home of the Wizard's mystic people, the Desert realm is the heart of the eight realms magic. The people, wearing the golden hues of the desert sand, follow the path of light, a sacred and virtuous way of life.


Gauntlet: Legends

This area only appears in the DreamCast and Arcade versions.

Gauntlet: Dark Legacy

You will need 200 Yellow Crystals to enter the Desert Lands.


Gauntlet: Legends Realms
PlayStation/Nintendo 64
Mountain KingdomCastle StrongholdForsaken ProvinceIce Domain
Mountain KingdomCastle StrongholdDesert LandsForest Realm

Gauntlet: Dark Legacy Realms
Forsaken ProvinceMountain KingdomCastle StrongholdSky DominionForest RealmDesert LandsIce DomainDream World

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