That's an item that is so important, the in-game announcer alerts heroes when one of the heroes has "shot the food"! Food is instrumental in surviving Gauntlet, as it recovers a hero's health. In the labyrinth, food can often be disguised as poison, which causes damage to the hero instead. Subtle signs requiring either a practiced eye or close examination, though, can help to differentiate it.



Food recovers 100 health.

Gauntlet II

Gauntlet (NES)

Gauntlet: The Third Encounter

Gauntlet III: The Final Quest

Gauntlet IV

Gauntlet: Legends

Poisoned food, which causes 50 damage, is very obvious here; always green with bones through it, it's similar to the "Skull 'n Crossbones" symbol. Food comes in two varieties (but different food types): Fruit, which recovers 50 Health, and Meat, which recovers 100 Health.

Gauntlet: Dark Legacy

Dark Legacy offers up a bit more food to the heroes. Food is still split into two categories, with Meat offering the better recovery...and the worse poison.


  • Cherry: 10
  • Apple: 25
  • Banana: 50
  • Pineapple: 75
  • Watermelon: 75
  • Poison Fruit: -50


  • Drumstick: 100
  • Steak: 125
  • Ribs: 150
  • Ham: 200
  • Meal: 500
  • Poison Meat: -100

Gauntlet: Seven Sorrows

  • Ham - Small Health Recovery
  • Cheese - Moderate Health Recovery
  • Roast - Large Health Recovery

Unlike other Gauntlet games, Seven Sorrows does not allow players to destroy food. It does, however, fade away if players neglect it long enough.