The Forest Realm is a dark land, inhabited by both lowland swamps and high tree camps. It's home to the Spider Queen. It's the native Realm of the Archer. According to the game manual, The Forest is the oldest of the 8 Realms.


Gauntlet: Legends

It appeared in the Arcade and DreamCast version of this game.

Gauntlet: Dark Legacy

A character will need 175 green Crystals to enter. The Forest Realm contains one Runestone and the Scimitar of Decapitation.



Gauntlet: The Final Quest

The Forest Kingdom was one of the kingdoms the island known as Capra. It was founded by the tree dwellers, and were also inhabited by the Emerald Crawler and a species of plant.

Gauntlet: Legends Realms
PlayStation/Nintendo 64
Mountain KingdomCastle StrongholdForsaken ProvinceIce Domain
Mountain KingdomCastle StrongholdDesert LandsForest Realm

Gauntlet: Dark Legacy Realms
Forsaken ProvinceMountain KingdomCastle StrongholdSky DominionForest RealmDesert LandsIce DomainDream World

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