Hammer Time is the Jester/Hyena's full turbo in Gauntlet Dark Legacy. It has an animation of a giant wooden hammer that the Jester/Hyena pulls out of the dream world, and launches a giant red boxing-glove that mows down entire mobs of enemies.


-While still aiming, you can take out foes within melee range by aiming at them quickly. Be careful though, because if you take too long, you can launch it in the wrong direction.

-This can hit twice, which is especially helpful if you're fighting a general, a gargoyle, or a golem. The trick with generals and golems is to melee them until they block, and immediately after, launch this.


-Sadly, this does not initiate a hilarious music video with the jester breakdancing, but I would play through seven sorrows just to see that music video. Someone please make it.

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