Forsaken Province

Bubba - He is a primary zombie and he has two sickles to kill them.

Mountain Kingdom

Mike - He is a ogre and he has a two broadsword to attack.

Castle Stronghold

Josh - He is a executioner wolf and he has two cleaver knife to kill.

Sky Dominion

Jack - He is a plague soldier and he wears a gas mask and he has two large knives and flies buzzing around its head.

Forest Realm

John - He is a lizardmen and he has two macuahuitl clubs to destroy them.

Desert Lands

Zuma - He is a nomads and he has two golden sword to kill them.

Ice Domain

Eunice - He is a mutant miner and he has two pick axes and he wants to shovel them in the ice.

Dream World

Alice - She is a dream imp and she has four arms holding a curved arm sword while she attacks you.


Raleigh - He is a skeleton soldier and he has two swords to destroy you.


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