The Underworld is the native location of Skorne. It's a hellish place, consisting of fiery lakes and red plateaus. Any monster from any other realm can be teleported here by the purple Generators that dot the landscape. The heroes will only be able to access the Underworld after defeating Skorne in the Desecrated Temple, defeated Skorne's forces in the Battlefield, and collected all thirteen Runestones. Heroes will come face-to-face to with Skorne after passing through the massive Gates of the Underworld.


Gauntlet: Legends

In Gauntlet: Legends the battlefield is before the Underworld, making the Underworld the final realm. 

Gates Of The Underworld 

Throne Of Skorne (Boss - True Skorne)

Gauntlet: Dark Legacy

In Gauntlet: Dark Legacy the battlefield is after the Underworld, making it the second last realm.

Gates Of The Underworld

Throne Of Skorne (Boss - True Skorne)

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